Detroit Area Antenna TV
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Station Digital
Programming   Station Digital
WJBK-TV 2.1 FOX   WPXD-TV 31.1 Ion Television
  2.2 Movies!     31.2 Qubo
  2.3 Buzzr     31.3 Ion Life
WDIV-TV 4.1 NBC     31.4 Ion Shop
  4.2 This TV     31.5 QVC
WXYZ-TV 7.1 ABC     31.6 HSN
  7.2 Bounce TV   WUDT-LD 23.1/48.1 Daystar
  7.3 Laff   CICO-TV 32.1 TVO
CBET-TV 9.1 CBC   W33BY 33* Independent
WHNE-LD 14.1 SSN   WADL-TV 38.1 Independent
  14.2 RETRO     38.2 Antenna TV
  14.3 THE BOB     38.4 The Word Network
  14.4 Tuff TV     38.4 Titan Sports Network
  14.5 Corner Stone TV/Jewelry TV   WLPC-CD 40.1 Independent
CHWI-TV 16.1/26.1 CTV Two   WUDL-LD 47.1 Trinity Broadcast Net
WDWO-LD 18.1 TCT   WKBD-TV 50.1 The CW
  18.2 TCT Family   WTVS-TV 56.1 PBS
  18.3 TCT Kids     56.2 World
WMYD-TV 20.1 My Network TV     56.3 Create
  20.2 Cozi TV   WWJ-TV 62.1 CBS
          62.2 Decades

*This channel transmits in the analog format

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